Zombies Overloaded Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins)

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Wave after wave of zombies surrounds you as you fight for your life! Death is near, but use various weapons and power-ups to survive as long as possible. These pedestrians are slow and harmless, but after only a few waves you will find yourself running for your life!

 Playing is constantly valued – over time, your character grows in strength. Upgrade and then destroy zombies faster while staying longer. Blasting your ranking board is a progressive battle, so keep on doing it!

 Game mode
 ❖ Overload
You have to face an endless wave of zombies with random weapons that appear for you. Surviving the waves then requires extraordinary skills (and maybe a little luck)! Every 5 waves you have to deal with the boss of the map, which looks stronger every time you face it.
 ❖ Passivity
You don’t have ammunition, you’re cornered, all you can do is run! Use power-ups to help yourself stay alive longer, but that’s what you got !!

 ❖ Endless Waves
This game is endless! The waves keep coming and they are getting harder. You will never reach the end.
 ❖ Achievement
Try and see if you can open all 21 available achievements. Earn points for your Google Play account and get gold for improvement!
 ❖ Leaderboard
Honestly, this is the point of the game. Get on the leaderboards! Get the top 10 status or at least better than your friends!

Zombies Overloaded Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins)

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