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Play as the main character in the Dragon Sword. You cut monsters, orcs and all creatures in the forest alone. Run, jump and slash your way through the world of extensive platforming challenges and start an epic adventure! Mobile hack and slash adventure game and 2-dimensional pixel platformer, now also available for Android phones and tablets. An adventure experience to stand up against the darkness and bring back the peace and serenity that once was.

 You must free all the villagers who have been taken by the evil witch. The story in Dragon Sword begins in a village in a peaceful kingdom that is full of joy, happiness and love. Suddenly turned into chaos and destruction, an evil wizard appeared in the kingdom and brought an army of ferocious creatures to take villagers to turn it into an energy source. Every man, woman and child has been taken and no one can even put a finger on the witch.

 The wizard leaves the kingdom and returns to the mountain wizard after killing mercilessly and kidnapping the villagers. All villagers were taken and some of them were killed trying to fight.

 Legend says, the only way to kill a witch is to use a Dragon Sword, but the sword can only be used by the descendants of the dragon and that person is YOU. Find the Dragon Sword and kill the witch to avenge the villagers.

 If you enjoy hacking games and classic Sword of Dragon slash platformers, you will love this. Forget about connecting or searching for your old console, you will be able to relive memories of childhood nostalgia on your Android device!

 Play with the Most Feared Adventurers, Become Heroes, and Join the Quest to Save the Kingdom!

 Our old retro addictive game will be one of your favorite adventure games. Because we want to maintain a vintage style platformer, you don’t need an internet connection to play.

 # Explore underground magical lands, mountains, treasures, and monsters.
 # Lots of dark environments and monsters.

 # Fluid and challenging platforming game specifically designed for mobile devices.
 # Touch controls that are precisely optimized for smartphones and tablets. Adjust controls to your preferences. (Left hand / right hand)

 # Increase your sword and armor strength and abilities.
 # Venture into forests and mountains to find strong swords hidden after all swords and armor have been upgraded.

 * More than 30 levels of artificial adventures
 * 3 bosses “End of Act”
 * More than 25 different enemies such as orcs, zombies, monsters and flying creatures, forest creatures.
 * 5 different swords and 4 different armor.
 * More than 5 magical spells that will soon be improved (fire spells, power spells, ice spells, electric shock spells)

Sword of Dragon Mod Apk Money

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