Skillz – Logic Brain Games (Mod Apk Adfree)

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Want to test your memory skills or train your brain? Try this fun memory game to improve memory, speed, get better accuracy, distinguish between colors and more. This is a fun logical game that gives a good test for your brain.

 With this brain game, you can help players learn to distinguish between various colors and improve their skills. The players sharpen their minds while having fun playing this game. This logical game is a skill test game. You can also test your reflexes. There are several fun puzzle games in various types of games. You score points and level up. A very fun and addictive game that you will fully enjoy.

 To increase playing logical games and train your brain, you also have fun with the game. It’s packed with various types of tests that enhance your skills and abilities. Here’s how –
 ✓ Increase your memory
 ✓ Train your reflexes
 ✓ Increase your accuracy
 ✓ Determine your touch ability
 ✓ Increase your speed
 ✓ Learn color coordination

 Each level tests your skills and abilities until they reach their peak. After each level, your results are ranked between 1 and 5 Stars and you will be given a number of Brains. For every Star you get, you will be rewarded with one Brain. Using the brain, you can try again from the current round, pass the round or pass the level with 5 stars.

 This logical game introduces Multiplayer features. Here’s how –
 – Play with friends or random players
 – Start the game with at least 2 players. The maximum limit is 4.
 – If you complete the game in Multiplayer mode in the first place, you get “Win” and 5 Brains. If you finish the game but in place 2, you only get 3 brains and no “win”
 – Your Multi Player rating depends on “Victory”
 – Play in Multiplayer mode and open Achievements

Skillz – Logic Brain Games (Mod Apk AdFree)

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