Lineage Ii: Dark Legacy Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/On – Off Mod)

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Darkness has fallen and the war between good and evil erupts in the latest action-packed chapter of the world-famous Lineage II series, Dark Legacy. Assemble your main Mercenary forces and take part in a campaign to save Aden’s land. Enter the Pit of Despair 100th floor to fight mega bosses and participate in Epic Castle Sieges against players all over the world!

 Gather legendary mercenaries from Lineage Universe and develop them to let go of their special abilities and skills. Recruit strong Kamael Soul Breakers with Vampiric Blast or Dark Avenger with the Hell Crusher skill and test them against scary bosses such as bloodthirsty Castlekeepers or Lycanthropes.

Feature Points:

1. Intense Siege PVP: Face players around the world in the battle of the castle! Gate storm and attack their defenses with your strongest Mercenary forces to get Influence, increase your rank on the global leaderboards, and get your spoils of war while leaving their Castle in ruins!
 2. Customize Castles that Are Unbreakable: Choose from many defense options such as Electric Shock Cannon or stab Ballista to destroy your enemies. Mix, match, and place your defense warehouse strategically for maximum effectiveness. Open a new defense slot to become more unstoppable and protect your Castle by all means!
 3. Dynamic Action-packed Battle: Think fast on your feet during a fast battle in the Pit of Despair to defeat a cruel Boss or Coliseum to challenge other players in PvP battles. Order a mercenary team and strategically release their special abilities and skills to destroy your opposition in battle!
 4. Legendary Roster of Mercenaries: Recruit and build the ultimate team of legendary Lineage characters including Shillien Knight, Abyss Walker, Spellsinger, Tyrant, and more. Improve their skills, complete them with strong talismans and develop them to release their full strength.

Lineage II: Dark Legacy Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/GOD MODE/ON – OFF MOD)

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