Last Idea Mod Apk (Weak Enemy Damage)

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■ game point · action “Suma Coma” exhilarating & fighting intuition · appearance, sound, equipment, skills, etc. 4 people!・ No Gacha! Get the tools in the Notch! A thousand thousand at auction!・ Activate your skills with unique operations for smart phones like friction fantasy road adventure, double tap, pinch, long press, etc. Developed with full voice animations & orchestral performance! You can enjoy trekking through a refreshingly insane act of defeating the enemy with “Suma Coma”, who realizes an unprecedented feeling of touch. Instead of turning Gacha into a powerful weapon, you can explore various stages, combine dropped equipment, adjust character, and have a core system that allows you to make the most of your personal commitments. Up to 4 multiplayer is possible. Bring your own cool and beautiful characters and challenge your friends and enemies. Equipment obtained through Toruhan will be exhibited at the auction where all players can participate, and it is also possible to aim at one shot! The main story was developed by the event scenes full of sound & animation. BGM by orchestral music will further enhance the story.

 ■ Story A woman pendekar who is a new year treasure hunter = You will hunt for treasure to the ruins of a remote island called “a quiet castle”. While growing through a meeting with the mysterious Lucresia girl who lost her memory there and with unique ideas, they were finally trapped in a vortex of a big conspiracy.

Last idea Mod Apk (Weak Enemy damage)

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