Jojo’S Bizarre Adventure Stardust Shooters Mod Apk (Enemy Can’T Attack/Enemy Can’T Skill/Player High Damage)

■ Introduction to the Game
 “Jojo” the first smartphone game appears Tsu! New senses! Characters appear as “medal units”, defeating enemies “Chi attack” medals, “Battle shooting medals” is exhilarating and refreshing as combos will lead! Apart from that, the expression of Moving in particular is very versatile! Fun for each character! Sometimes brilliant command skills are available! Grow the cheating of Jojo’s strongest character against Tsu Tsu’s “medal shooting battle!”

 ■ Chinese splash fight if there is a medal hit!
 Butsukero’s medal unit in Chi’s “attack” comes out from the enemy! When combined with medal abilities, it is also possible to give great damage in continuous attacks hitting Tsu! Like weight and distance, it will be possible to go to a profitable battle. If you know the characteristics of the allied and enemy Tsu medal units!

 ■ various characters appear!
 Characters that appear as “medal units” are different from the main players who are far from supporters too! 1 part 2 part also appears of course 3 parts character, will have to reproduce the strange world Jojo Tsu !!

 ■ “Quest” opens the way!
 Winning experience by completing “Quest”, it is possible to grow unit medals! As the game progresses, a search also appears to experience the story of one part of 2 parts! Unit medals are grown, Uchitaose boss is a strong search, Tsu !!

 ■ about burning in the “Rebirth” Heat !!
 If there are enemies to drop the “Rebirth of goods” during the battle, the unit medal has reached the upper limit of the further growth rate is to get! Get a special ability to penetrate the Dekiru ‘limit! Tsu enjoy Incandescent battles with a combination of Rebirth units!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Shooters Mod Apk (Enemy can’t attack/Enemy can’t skill/Player High Damage)

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