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Evolution 2: Battle For Utopia Mod Apk (Unlimited Bullets/ Weapons Without Cooling)

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Evolution continues. The long-awaited sequel of this famous iconic sci-fi game has come out! This tells you the story of the Utopia universe from another angle.

 The second episode reproduces the unique atmosphere of Evolution that is loved by millions of players. The gameplay of Evolution 2 has changed drastically, turning into an intense mix of top-down shooters, action, strategy, and third-person RPGs!

 An amazing story will surprise you with a truly unexpected turn!

 Location: planet Utopia. A once galaxy resort billionaire, it turned into a living hell possessed by ruthless robbers, monsters and battle robots. Endless war is being carried out here.

 Endless battles await! Fight with powerful weapons, use psi energy from captain Blake, the main character of the game. Its superpowers are the result of dangerous experiments, and he is ready to release them to any enemy at your behest!

 ☆ Unique sci-fi settings. A post-apocalyptic space action game made on a distant planet.

 ☆ Unique genre balance. The combination of strategies, RPGs, and top-down action shooter games, displays an ingenious battle system.

 ☆ Tactical Gameplay. Improve your character and their partners, choose the most efficient weapon, and abuse the weakness of your enemy.

 ☆ Involves a PvE campaign. Many mission and epic bosses. Your enemy becomes stronger from battle to battle.

 ☆ Cooperative modes. Call your loyal allies and complete the mission shoulder to shoulder with other players.

 ☆ online battles. Battle in full online multiplayer. Win the top position in the ranking and get a unique bonus for your victory!

 ☆ Warehouse for future weapons. Fantastic weapon that displays unique statistics and improvement systems! Not only good old firearms! Enjoy energy, acid and bionic cannon!

 ☆ Upgrade your base: unlock new places and learn about future technology! Infinite evolution!

 ☆ Interactive arenas and realistic 3D animations provide complete immersion!

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia Mod Apk (Unlimited bullets/ Weapons without cooling)

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