Elemental Story Mega Mod Apk

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◆ 【Rude Ragga up to 95 times free turn】 During the campaign! ◆
 When you start the game now, you can increase the rare, intense game up to 95 times free just by clearing a simple stage that you can challenge quickly. Opportunities for free [5 star] monsters are super rare!

 ▼ The deciding factor of this game is shooting skills!
By making a certain shape with a piece, you can activate strong skills every turn. Every monster has its own expertise. Let’s combine the shapes well so that the skills can be activated at the same time, aiming for great damage.
 ▼ the strongest individual decision fight! National real-time battle! This tournament is held every day in the arena league. Among national players, players with the same strength as you You can play one-on-one goblin battles. By participating, strong monsters from the league arena are available as prizes.
 ▼ Real time Four people fight has many advantages! Up to 4 people can play with the closest people simultaneously. When everyone goes to search, the item drop rates up to 4 times! If you bring it to a friend search, it will consume stamina 0! Let’s work together and let the game run well.
 ▼ Let’s release true strength with sudden stimulation! Sometimes monsters suddenly wake up with clues during battle. When a monster wakes up, he remembers the strong abilities he had never had before releasing true power. Because all monsters have the potential to be awakened, let’s bring various monsters to the mission.

 1. Enemies low Defence
 2. Enemies low Health
 3. Enemies low Attack
 4. Damage x10
 5. Health x10
 6. No Ads

Elemental story Mega Mod Apk

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