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Easy Poser is a human body pose application for people who are drawing or are learning to draw. Have you ever wanted a personalized model to show various poses when drawing animations, illustrations, or sketching? EasyPoser was developed for these people. Various angles from various poses can be examined. Now you don’t have to draw with dolls or figures with wood as a model. Even yoga or sports poses can be examined from various angles.

 1. Sensitive Surgery – EasyPoser allows control of the main joint in an extraordinarily smooth manner. It provides several functions that were not previously available in other pose applications such as highlights on movable parts, joint initialization and manipulation conditions, and finds symmetrical poses with mirroring functions. Control a more comfortable experience than with a mouse.

 2. Comic Style Model – The application of the previous pose has a realistic ratio of eight head and male men, making it unsuitable for animation, webtoon or game illustrations. EasyPoser is prepared with models with various body types.

 3. Multi Model Control – Scenes can be created with up to 6 people at once! Now it’s possible to make scenes of soccer players avoid tackles or hold hands and dance.

 4. Dozens of completed poses. The pose used is often made. About 60 poses have been prepared and this pose will be updated regularly.

 5. Other characteristics
 – Expression of sensitive light using direct settings and backlighting
 – Able to observe various poses in various angles
 – Realistic shadows like model shadows thrown over other models
 – Can change viewpoints (possible to use excessive lost points such as panoramas)
 – Provides a wire mode that allows lines to be drawn on top of the model
  – Automatic storage, makes it safe every time there is a device error.
 – Can easily control hand movements.

 6. Functions Provided in the Free Version
 – The pose model can be controlled freely.
 – Mood can be controlled freely by controlling the angle of light.
 – Can save images in PNG. Use it when using EasyPoser with other programs to draw! – Scenes can be done by freely controlling the distance of the camera

 7. Benefits of Upgrading a Paid Version
 – The finished pose can be stored and withdrawn.
 – A woman (normal), female (small), male (small) provided in addition to the original model.
 – Some models can be displayed on the screen at once.
 – There are no ads.
 – All “Complete Poses” can be used.

 – The full version is open.
 – The fantasy package is open.
 – A package of modern weapons has been opened.
 – Open horse package.
 – The dragon model is open.
 – Bicycle package is open.
 – No Ads

Easy Poser Mega Mod Apk

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