Dragons & Diamonds Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds/Gold)

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There is only one thing that keeps you from treasure and wealth beyond your wildest dreams: deadly dragon fleas.

 But this is not just any dragon breathing fire, oh no. Everyone you meet is more challenging than the last, using the frightening power that no one can handle alone. 

 Build the best hunting team: To get that valuable asset, you need a helping hand. The dragon has caught a number of bold, adventurous (or just greedy) bounty hunters and only you can save them. Build your team to clear the world of these terrible dragons, enter and grab treasures before it’s too late.

 Use your best strategy to win invaluable chests: A team can only be as good as the battle plan. Your challenge is to find the best diamond pair to defeat the dragons and wild beasts that serve them – choose the right hunter for your quest, equip them with strong items and face the ferocious dragons on the battlefield.

 Discover the lost world: Enter the fantasy world of Dragons & Diamonds for a confusing adventure. Travel from dusty plains, crossing volcanic and frozen peaks as you explore a lost world filled with dangerous dungeons, treasures beyond imagination and wild animals waiting at every corner.

 Play Dragons & Diamonds now:
 – Enjoy this epic and free fantasy RPG challenge
 – Defeat dragons by matching diamond chains for maximum damage
 – Match 3 or more diamonds of the same color to damage the enemy or heal your team
 – Choose the best hunter combination for each battle
 – Collect spoils to improve your party and make it stronger
 – Save land by land from dragon attacks as you explore the world

Dragons & Diamonds Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds/Gold)

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