Cybersphere: Online Sci-Fi Shooter Mod Apk Money

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Plot: Humans are fighting and attacked from aliens, robots and cyborgs! Manage “Cyber-sphere” combat units to defend bases with weapons from advanced enemies across the planet. Use weapons such as weapons, missiles, energy weapons, push support, camouflage and explosions destroy the enemy.

 You can fight alone or join, kill on the battlefield with other pilots in the new online multiplayer mode! Good luck! Civilization as we know it depends on you.

 Main feature
 ★ Neat, futuristic 3D graphics – making the game feel like reality.
 ★ Single-player – You only need to rely on yourself to prevent it revelation.
 ★ Cross platform multiplayer online – up to 8 players with iOS and Android the device can play together.
 ★ Offline Mode – You can play this game without an internet connection.
 ★ PVE with friends – join and increase your firepower in virtual battles!
 ★ PVP game mode – find out, who is the best pilot!
 ★ Lots of weapons – more than 28 deadly weapons.
 ★ Many supporting drone models – buzz games that you want to be part of, so use a guardian controlled by your AI.
 ★ Many types of characters – manage futuristic tanks, running robots, cyborg and army, each with unique special abilities!
 ★ Ease of control – You can manage it intuitively using on screen control or gamepad ★ Various enemies – fight robots, aliens, cyborgs
 ★ Small size – under 50MB!
 ★ Non-stop Sci Fi Top down cyborg shooter action – one of the most interesting action games, it won’t let you relax even for a second!

CyberSphere: Online Sci-fi shooter Mod Apk Money

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