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Wild Zombie Online(Wzo) Mod Apk (Unconditional Upgrade/ Skill Point Does Not Reduce The Increase)

Welcome to the best animal game, Wild Zombie Online (WZO) Go hunting! If you don’t hunt first, they will hunt you after.

 Wild, animal world where only the strongest survive according to the law of the jungle! An action game for hunting live and dead animals where you become a zombie animal to chase and hunt wild animals.

 In Wild Zombie Online, you grow to be the best animal hunter by chasing and hunting animals that live in the wild. With giant monsters, you have to subdue and hunt wild animals that fight and come to you.

You have to be brave enough to face strong and rough carnivorous attacks and provide a fear of death to herbivores that fight you in large flocks.

Are you going to become a powerful and cruel wild animal hunter who will defeat the attacks of many hostile animals and make all wild animals tremble in fear by you?

 1. Different and Rich Maps
The maps are divided into Sahara, gloomy deserts; Siberia, covered in snow and ice; and savannas, vast tropical grasslands. They also consist of ordinary maps that have different natural environments and special maps such as the Monster Field where to block the attack of wild animals with giant zombie monsters and Lava Dragons where dragons with fire, ice, and light properties. In addition, you will also have a map with various characteristics and uniqueness such as a map of events where you can enter only at certain times, PVP zones where you can have battles 1: 1.

 2. Diverse Hunting Facilities
You can experience hunting and attack in oriented battles such as the ability to transform into powerful zombie monsters and call the same type, power attacks

 3. Various Missions and Master Menu
You can add more fun to the game through the Menu Trophy where you can make achievements and earn gaji points by carrying out certain missions such as traveling, hunting, and obtaining as well as the Main Menu that allows you to give more damage while hunting a certain animal.

Wild Zombie Online(WZO) Mod Apk (Unconditional upgrade/ Skill point does not reduce the increase)

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