Superhero Sword – Legend Future Fight Mod Apk (1 Hit Kill + God Mode)

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Compete with Sword Superheroes in this amazing 2D action RPG game. Fight to save the Earth from Oxus criminals, join the battle to fight monster soldiers as they fight for universal forces. Only teamwork, loyalty and friendship can win this battle!

 Open a new armor hero, upgrade your best warrior, collect your legendar sword and create the best team to defeat the Oxus.

 Explosive RPG fighting game featuring a variety of great attacks. Complete more than 60 challenges and fight in battles in Battle Mode. Make a strategy, avoid and fight against robotic monsters in the city, space, and open different arenas.

 Unlock your favorite super heroes from the library of superhero superheroes and do battles with minions and monsters. Each pendekar has different elements: Fire, water, wind, earth and thunder and different ultra epic powers. Collect heroic pieces to unlock your hero. Open and master all superhero and combo skills. Collect 100+ weapons and armor items, upgrade and use equipment to increase the strength of your superhero. A series of powerful armor that will help you overcome any challenge and make demon cleansing easier.

 Use the Rune Fragment to increase the level and increase the strength of each Rune. There are 4 types of Runes: HP, Attack, Defense and Dodge. Unlock to increase battle efficiency. Every superhero, superman will have a unique Fragment. Use them to increase strength and evolution for superheroes.

 Every superhero has special skills. Use wisely! You will use the main skills to fight monsters. Improve your superhero skills to become an original monster hunter. You can choose 2 superheroes to fight. As an eternal warrior, you will fight together and use the right strategy for each challenge.

 See armor and control of your favorite pendekar like never before. The best character graphics with stunning visuals and animations. Lots of cool characters, robots, items, and runes to collect and improve.

 Superhero Sword is an offline game, which means it can be played anywhere and anytime without an Internet connection. However, it is recommended that the game be played with an Internet connection so that you can experience all of its amazing features.

Superhero Sword – Legend Future Fight Mod Apk (1 hit kill + God Mode)

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