Realm Battle: Heroes Wars Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems/ Unlimited Stars/ Unlocked)

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The kingdom of Arthur was attacked by dark forces and demons. War broke out everywhere in the kingdom. Black magic is a kingdom that is separated into many different countries and is dominated by demons.

 Only powerful heroes, fighters with ancient magic power and the best tactics that can save the kingdom. Royal troops must fight monsters, zombies, orcs or demons from the demon kingdom.

 Build your forces and make your kingdom defend your kingdom from evil attacks. Upgrade your castle before the kingdom sinks into darkness. Are you ready to join the battle in Realm Battle: Rival Kingdoms?

 ▶ The best strategy game
 Realm Battle is the perfect combination of war strategy games and role-playing games. You will build your army by summoning soldiers and heroes to fight in battle. Besides that you can also control your pahlawan to lead his troops to victory. You will learn how to be a soldier, call reinforcements, how to rule your troops, recruit elf warriors, face legendary monsters, how to use resources to build empires and how to win battles. The kingdom that used to be your majesty is now fighting for its life against the specter of mighty monsters! Are you ready?

 ▶ Increase, Defense and Magic
 As a tower defense strategy game, Battle Realm has tactics in every part of the game. Improve your kingdom and troop invasion in various ways to create the best tactics. Defend your castle by summoning elves and royal forces to prevent monsters from touching your castle. Use ancient magic to help your troops get stronger, ancient spells and soul stones help you win the toughest battles.

 ▶ Legendary heroes and allied kingdoms
 Battle Realm is unique compared to other strategy games, Realm Battle will bring you experience playing role games in strategy games. You can control your legendary hero, move and use skills and also summon troops, order your troops to win the battle. In Battle Realm you will be supported by an allied kingdom. The warriors of the human kingdom with endurance and the ability to use tactics, from the kingdom of fairies with the best archers and warriors with ancient powers, royal elements with mysterious powers and powerful spells. All of that makes a great strategy game. 

▶ Battle of millions of other players
 The PVP system is a new feature of the Battle Realm. You can show your strength to your friends or millions of other players around the world. Where you show the strength of your kingdom and receive gifts.

 Game Features:
 ★ Epic defense battles with a combination of RPG games and strategies.
 ★ Military system with 100+ types of enemies and 60 different challenges.
 ★ You control the action! Activate the skills of the heroes.
 ★ Order your soldiers and see them engage in hand-to-hand fantasy cartoon battles!
 ★ Some worlds to play with 3 kingdoms and 25 different armies from Vikings, killers, archers to demon hunters.
 ★ More than 40 different enemies, from goblins to evil dragons each with their own skills!
 ★ 7 heroes from the Human Kingdom, Elven Kingdom, and the Elementary Kingdom. Choose your champion to lead your troops to victory!
 ★ Various kinds of enemies offer many challenges: Burn your enemies, freeze, stun, poison, slow and more skills from your items to cast in battle.
 ★ PVP Mode: Where you can fight with other players around the world.

Realm Battle: Heroes Wars Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems/ Unlimited Stars/ Unlocked)

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