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Evolution: The Video Game Mod Apk Premium + Obb

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In the Evolution game, you adjust your species to survive and stay one step ahead of your opponent.
– Dry watering hole? Wake up the long neck to reach food in the trees.
– Leave a carnivore? Develop hard shells to ward off attacks.
– Involve the food chain to become the most successful species.
Do you develop protection from Carnivores, or find a way to eat if there is no Food in the Watering Hole? The ecosystem keeps changing, and you have to find out what your opponents are doing.
Our friendly professor will guide you from one watering hole to the next in our learning-while-playing tutorial, showing you how to survive before sending you away to make a name for yourself. Hone your skills as you develop from low Biology Interns to compete for Nobel Prizes!
Explore the mysteries of the Island of Evolution and find different Boss opponents. As you move through the campaign, you will open a new “Apex Species” that master certain strategies; Beat them to add them to the single player opponent menu.
One click and this game will suit you with players who have similar skills in fast-moving online games. Make friends in games and create special games, or rank in ongoing seasonal tournaments and see how far you can go.
REPLAY without stopping, ONE PRICE
This is not about the card you get; it’s about how you play it. Complete card sets are included in the basic game, you don’t need to buy anything. Thousands of possible species combinations evolve from 17 unique character cards, which means there are no two games in common.
With a smooth user interface and fast and informative animations, Evolution is built to meet rapid improvements in intense strategic battles. Easy to learn, almost impossible to master, one game and you will be addicted. Evolution isn’t just a top-level strategy game – it’s a completely new animal.
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